lucky lindberg

I’m feeling under the weather today, so I guess I’ll take some time between lying on the couch, playing Words with Friends, and watching Seinfeld reruns to update this thing. Remember when I won a Lindberg print from Visual Philosophy in a giveaway from mid-century MODERN LOVE a year ago? Well, I FINALLY got it framed. (!!!) (I’m seriously the best procrastinator I know.) I chose a white mat and frame to keep with the modern look and placed it atop the hutch in the dining room with a few of my vases and pottery. I love how the colors of the print tie in with my vase-in-the-wall on the right.



I adore it! It adds a clean, modern touch and much-needed verticality to the dining room–with ten-foot ceilings, you need tall shit!


hutch, hutch, hooray!

Have you been itching to know what my new furniture item is? I thought so.  First, the background story: the biggest dilemma in the dining room was my boyfriend’s bar. It was a realllllly ugly wire utility shelf. I’ve hated that thing since the first time I saw it and didn’t want to move it to our apartment, but we didn’t have anything else to use and he just has to have a bar.

So I decided to go with a hutch that’d both look decent and be useful as a bar.

We LOVE it. However, when transferring the items from the bar to the hutch, we quickly realized that the shelves were not tall enough to fit the bottles and, more importantly, there’s not enough space on the open shelf to comfortably pour a drink, although it looks like it’d be no problem in the picture, right? Just one of the gambles when using Craigslist. (But so worth it.)

So we still had to replace the bar.

Ta-da! We picked this baby up at one of my favorite stores in Lexington; a consignment store that carries mostly mid-century furniture, decor, dishes, clothes, etc. This table was $50, marked down from $200 (!!). Luckkkkyyy. And it’s perfect; now we just need to stock up a little. : )

Ok, back to that hutch. I really really want to paint it white. The medium brown wood totally reminds me of a 70’s cruise ship. (Don’t ask me to explain that one!) Plus, white would look so awesome against the gray. But all my friends I tell that to advise me against painting it because it is such a nice piece and is in excellent condition, made from real wood and all. And it is pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I think I can make it look even better. Ahhh, what do I do?!