herb your enthusiasm

In the spring I planted an herb and veggie garden on our balcony. I certainly don’t have a green thumb as every plant I’ve ever tried to keep alive has dopped dead despite my awesome efforts. I’m actually pretty awful; I left them in their tiny original planters for weeks until I finally manned up and bought pots and soil during their last hours of life. With lots of luck love and attention, they’ve since recovered  and even though this Kentucky summer heat makes it difficult, these babies are doing good so far (when I remember to water them.) Still haven’t gotten any veggies but the basil is downright sinful.  I’m so proud.

Now if only I knew how to cook.


summer kind of wonderful

I’m astounded and a bit disgusted at how quickly summer’s approached, and I haven’t even thought about getting my porch in shape. The main thing it needs right now, besides a good scrub-down, is a colorful, graphic tablecloth covering the dusty glass patio table. Here are a few I’ve found that I’m loving.

Now y’all know how much I gravitate towards gray. And geometric patterns. Love at first sight. This one is from Belle Chambre.

Can I just have all of these? Alicia’s Table has really awesome tablecloths and linens. And they’re all badass. Every single one of ’em.


Here’s a pretty cool one from Texturas Urbanas. She also sells matching pillows and seriously cute bags, to boot. Love all her stuff.

Now I just need to save up some money to revamp my porch…quickly, before summer fades away! What do you still need to do in order to bask in all of summer’s glory? I wanna know!

there, i fixed it

Crap. Has it really been two weeks since I posted last? Whoopsie. Sorry about that. Well, I did end up getting the room painted just in time for the bridal shower, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it! But first, a little step-by-step of sorts. I know you recall the roughed-up condition that the walls were in. I had no idea what to do about it. Evan bought some joint compound. Good enough, I guess. I guess. I did a lot of guessing over those few days. Also, Evan had to work  nights so it was just me a lot of the time, guessing. I tried to take pictures of the process, but it’s kind of hard when you’re by yourself. And applying plaster is pretty self-explanatory anyway. Not sure why I’m typing this. Just spread it evenly over the blemish with a putty knife. (Is that even what it’s called?) There, I fixed it.

Gross. One of the more major malfunctions. And the stuff I used to cover it up.

Spread thin, even layers. Be sure to scrape off excess. Duh. That’s concrete behind the walls. Great.

Let dry overnight. Then sand the edges for a seamless look, prime, and paint. Voila! Seriously, a cat could do this, I don’t know why I feel it’s necessary to explain this to you. To add some meat to this blog, I guess.

Alright, now to the good stuff: Before and After!

Here’s what the living room looked like when we moved in…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really dug the color palette of the walls and I appreciated the creativity in painting each wall a different color. That being said, the walls themselves were in craptastic shape, and I really wanted to add my own personality through color, and a multi-colored paint job is not it. But this is:

Green. I love green. One day I want to paint every room in my house a different shade of green. Then again, maybe not. I really love how the gray in the dining room looks adjacent to the green.

By the way, I put that bookshelf together myself a few years ago, and it came within centimeters of collapsing while we were moving it to paint if that says anything about my handiwork. It is currently being propped up by the wall, patiently waiting to be replaced. Or fall. Whichever happens first.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Remember this? The devil of all patch jobs?

Well now it looks like this:

Not perfect in any sense of the word, but the best it can look without tearing the wall out and rebuilding, which is what really needed to happen. And still hardly noticeable unless I point it out to you. At least it’s not visually assaulting you as soon as you walk into the room anymore. Thank god, I was running out of excuses for my virtual bruises.

Thanks to Evan and my wonderful friends for pitching in!

Soooo, what’dya think?

watching paint dry

Guess what.

After months and months of hemming and hawing over a color, and then continuing to put it off, I finally got around to painting  my living room today! (Please disregard the horrid disaster that is my living room right now.) I’m hosting a bridal shower this weekend and am clamoring to get the walls patched, primed, and painted in time. This is just a sneak peek of the current condition. Just primer for now, but a strong start nonetheless. Check back soon to see the finished product! So exciting! Hasta la vista, hideous multi-colored, cracked, disfigured walls! Funk-nasty.

Let’s play a guessing game: What color do you think I chose for the walls? Hint–not red!


open house

I’ve got some exciting stuff here, people, if you think rehab is as thrilling as I do! Remember when I said I wanted to see this house? Well, I got my wish! My real estate agent (more on that later) sent me pictures of the interiors. There’s not much to view, but that’s more than enough to get my gears turning and thinking of the grand possibilities this space holds. Man, I just love a blank canvas with which I can do pretty much anything, but I’m not ready to take the dive into a full-blown renovation. Yet. Feast your eyes and your mind.

Gorgeous. But as you can see, this is bare-bones.

Original pine pocket doors. Two sets. F’real.

Original staircase remains. Since these photos are all I have to go by, I am just speculating here–but I would design the whole house around this thing. I’d create a balcony at the landing, leaving it open to a large area below. And keep the wood dark. Yum.

Someone needs to rehab this thing and let me follow them around like a lost puppy the entire time, slurping up every drop of experience. What do you think: a dangerous money pit or an enticing challenge?

café table

So I’ve been in the market for a new coffee table for a very long time. I’ve been using an old roommate’s white wicker chest as a make-shift for almost 4 years. I repeat, four years! It was always thought of as temporary until I got my hands on a great coffee table.

Problem is, I could never put my finger on which style I craved: modern? antique? simple? weird? Just make a decision, already! Many meals are consumed on this couch and I just wanted a large, flat surface on which to set drinks, plates, condiments, what-have-you. I’ve had it with wobbly, tilty glasses and ketchup bottles!

Today I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally pulled the trigger. My only requirements: long, flat, and $30 or under. Say hello to this chunk of goodness:

Found on Craigslist (of course) for $25. Yesss! Now, I won’t lie and tell you that I love this table, because I don’t. But it masculines-up the living room, looks kinda cool and, most importantly, will allow Evan and me to watch Californication while gorging ourselves without fear of my wine glass toppling over due to faulty crevices. Ah, how much simpler life will be.

land’s end’s end

Have you all heard about this? Completely ruined my day. “Land’s End,” a 1902 mansion in New York that many claim inspired The Great Gatsby was demolished this week to make room for five more homes worth $10 million each. Disgusting. Read these articles on Curbed and ABC News. I can understand the developer’s reasoning that the $30 million price tag on the home plus the cost of renovating the place deters buyers. So lower the price by about 29 mil, dumbass. Surely to God someone would’ve paid a couple million to restore a huge piece of American history. Now we’ll never know. Check out these beautiful pictures from the ’70’s or ’80’s when this home was still a gem, found on Curbed via Old Long Island.

I die for original wood paneling on walls. And those built-in bookshelves? Comfortingly cozy. I wonder where those wood/metal chairs are now…

Can you imagine sitting on that sofa looking out into the ocean? Heaven.

I would curl up with a good book in this sunny room. And that tiger-skin rug with the green lattice and floral patterns? Love it.

Now go look at Jen Ross’s photos of Land’s End in all its deteriorated glory. Hauntingly beautful. Hard to understand how someone could let it get to that condition. Hard to believe it’s all gone now.