updates (since 2012?)

Reading over my last few posts, I realized that I never gave an update on all my very ambitious New Year resolutions from 2012 (so long ago!) So here’s the dumb list I made and where I currently stand on each item:

1. I will not put myself down. Ever.  I’m stupid and this resolution was stupid.

2. I will be on time for everything, all of the time. HA. HAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

3. I will hone my cooking skills by cooking at home more often. I’ve actually been better about cooking at home and trying out new recipes. Yay!

4. I will be more diligent in updating my blog. …you know the answer to this one.

5. I will read more books. I’ve indeed kept this one. Currently, I’m reading “Great Expectations.”

6. I will take better care of my health. If by “taking better care of my health,” I meant removing my contacts and washing my face every night  sometimes, then this was a success.

2012 Apartment Goals!

1. Buy a bed frame (do this soon!) I just did this, like, 2 weeks ago.

2. Hang shelving unit in the living room No. But I did replace the existing bookshelf. Post coming soon!

3. Scrape peeling paint in bathroom; repaint Absolutely not.

4. Plant a large indoor houseplant, and keep it alive! Though not large, I’ve had several small plants die on me since this, but one is still alive (for now)! Success in my book!

5. Find or create a headboard Still working on this.

6. Replace bedroom rugs Did this! Kind of.

7. Hang curtains Yes!

8. Frame and hang artwork Yes, but still have more to do…

9. Find a better TV stand No, and it’s driving me crazy!

10. Get rid of unused furniture Mostly.

11. Declutter!! (nintendo games, dvds, closets, everything!) Did this and already need to do it again.

12. Conjure up a cheap/fun backsplash in kitchen Put this one aside for a while, but may think about it again.

And this is why I don’t make resolutions. More empty promises to come? Check back to find out!

Posts to look forward to: new bookshelf | kitchen redo


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