time flies when you’re procrastinating

Holy shit. Was my last post really in March? I have lots of making up to do! There haven’t been a lot of new developments in the apartment since then (I need more money and more motivation!), but 2012 was still a busy year for us. Here’s a look back of my favorite events and happenings last year.

March – Radiohead concert in St. Louis

Evan and I spent a weekend in St. Louis to see Radiohead. Our seats were in the very back of the arena (because I bought them like the day after they went on sale) but somehow Evan made friends with a guy who had extra box seats, so he invited us to enjoy the rest of the show with him…and a private bathroom! It was awesome. We stayed with our friend, Les, who has an amazing view of the Arch from his living room window! After touring the Budweiser brewery, we spent the rest of our last day thrifting in the Cherokee Antique Row district. I think the only thing I came back with was an October 1986 edition of Playboy.



May – joined a bowling league!

Even though we are not at all good, Evan, our friend Johnny, and I joined a fun bowling league for restaurants and bars. Our team came in 3rd place (out of 4 teams). Whatever, at least we weren’t last! Go Laser Wolves!

laser wolves

July – visit from my sister

My sister lives in Istanbul and was able to take about a month off to come back to the States. She stayed with us for several days in Lexington and we then spent a very relaxing weekend at a friend’s lakehouse at Lake Cumberland.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 254700_10151195512752201_1230129855_n 400139_10151195509397201_1617961109_n

September – met Tom Green

Hell yeah. He performed at Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington and I stayed after the show to get a picture. He asked me how I liked the show and I said it was awesome–I had a conversation with Tom Green.


October – went to Big Blue Madness

If you know anything about UK basketball, you know this is a big deal. People camp in line for days to get tickets to this. I didn’t know I was even going until the day of when my coworker, Laura, came up with an extra ticket and invited me to go. It really was madness.



November – Passion Pit concert

Evan and I went to a Passion Pit concert in Covington, KY. We also walked through the Newport Aquarium, where I touched a fucking shark. Evan was most excited about getting to smoke in the bars.


Honorable Mentions: my eleven-year-old car hit 100,000 miles, we played in a skeeball league, and I finally got classy and got an iPhone!

Looking forward to 2013 and a few more blog posts. Until next time!


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