mid-century modern

Lately I’ve found myself gravitating more towards mid-century modern homes, buildings, and architecture. I’ve always had an affinity towards MCM furniture, but have focused primarily on homes built in the 19th century or around the turn of the 20th century. I love the apartment I currently live in, which was built in 1800, but  now I’m really craving the streamlined, minimalist qualities of an MCM home. I especially love the designs that embrace the relationship between outdoors and indoors with large windows and structural features that extend beyond the indoor perimeters. Of course, living in one those beautiful homes would mean moving to the suburbs and I just love being downtown, so this will remain a fantasy for at least a few more years.  This is my MCM porn. Ohh yeah.

This was a 1960’s office building renovated to accommodate a living space. Two of my favorite things all rolled up in one delicious space!

Seriously. I’m drooling.

One of my favorite blogs devoted to mid-century modern design is mid-century MODERN LOVE. A couple weeks ago the author, Brandy, held a giveaway for any awesome print by Visual Philosophy and guess who won! This is the one I chose.

It looks terrific in person. I’m so excited to frame it and get it up!

Gotta run, the game’s on. GO CATS!


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