Brrr…it’s a cold day in Kentucky, guys. I’m wrapped in a blanket on my couch, refusing to go back outside, ever. I can avoid the weather for the rest of the night, but I think it’s time to stop avoiding my blogging duties. Truth is, I kind of started to hate this blog and really wanted to just forget it exists. My writing style sucks and I can never come up with good ideas for posts. That being said, I want to embrace a new attitude about myself in 2012 to hopefully gain a renewed, confident outlook in my personal life, and in turn, my blog life. Starting with:

1. I will not put myself down. Ever.

2. I will be on time for everything, all of the time.

3. I will hone my cooking skills by cooking at home more often.

4. I will be more diligent in updating my blog.

5. I will read more books.

6. I will take better care of my health.

Because of my innate inability to reach my goals, I usually don’t make New Year resolutions; however, I believe I’m finally mature enough to challenge myself and better myself in the process. The time thing will definitely be the biggest challenge of all!


Now for the exciting stuff:

2012 Apartment Goals!

1. Buy a bed frame (do this soon!)

2. Hang shelving unit in the living room

3. Scrape peeling paint in bathroom; repaint

4. Plant a large indoor houseplant, and keep it alive!

5. Find or create a headboard

6. Replace bedroom rugs

7. Hang curtains

8. Frame and hang artwork

9. Find a better TV stand

10. Get rid of unused furniture

11. Declutter!! (nintendo games, dvds, closets, everything!)

12. Conjure up a cheap/fun backsplash in kitchen


Yep, lots to do in the next 361 days…starting now!



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