summer kind of wonderful

I’m astounded and a bit disgusted at how quickly summer’s approached, and I haven’t even thought about getting my porch in shape. The main thing it needs right now, besides a good scrub-down, is a colorful, graphic tablecloth covering the dusty glass patio table. Here are a few I’ve found that I’m loving.

Now y’all know how much I gravitate towards gray. And geometric patterns. Love at first sight. This one is from Belle Chambre.

Can I just have all of these? Alicia’s Table has really awesome tablecloths and linens. And they’re all badass. Every single one of ’em.


Here’s a pretty cool one from Texturas Urbanas. She also sells matching pillows and seriously cute bags, to boot. Love all her stuff.

Now I just need to save up some money to revamp my porch…quickly, before summer fades away! What do you still need to do in order to bask in all of summer’s glory? I wanna know!


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