there, i fixed it

Crap. Has it really been two weeks since I posted last? Whoopsie. Sorry about that. Well, I did end up getting the room painted just in time for the bridal shower, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it! But first, a little step-by-step of sorts. I know you recall the roughed-up condition that the walls were in. I had no idea what to do about it. Evan bought some joint compound. Good enough, I guess. I guess. I did a lot of guessing over those few days. Also, Evan had to work  nights so it was just me a lot of the time, guessing. I tried to take pictures of the process, but it’s kind of hard when you’re by yourself. And applying plaster is pretty self-explanatory anyway. Not sure why I’m typing this. Just spread it evenly over the blemish with a putty knife. (Is that even what it’s called?) There, I fixed it.

Gross. One of the more major malfunctions. And the stuff I used to cover it up.

Spread thin, even layers. Be sure to scrape off excess. Duh. That’s concrete behind the walls. Great.

Let dry overnight. Then sand the edges for a seamless look, prime, and paint. Voila! Seriously, a cat could do this, I don’t know why I feel it’s necessary to explain this to you. To add some meat to this blog, I guess.

Alright, now to the good stuff: Before and After!

Here’s what the living room looked like when we moved in…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really dug the color palette of the walls and I appreciated the creativity in painting each wall a different color. That being said, the walls themselves were in craptastic shape, and I really wanted to add my own personality through color, and a multi-colored paint job is not it. But this is:

Green. I love green. One day I want to paint every room in my house a different shade of green. Then again, maybe not. I really love how the gray in the dining room looks adjacent to the green.

By the way, I put that bookshelf together myself a few years ago, and it came within centimeters of collapsing while we were moving it to paint if that says anything about my handiwork. It is currently being propped up by the wall, patiently waiting to be replaced. Or fall. Whichever happens first.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Remember this? The devil of all patch jobs?

Well now it looks like this:

Not perfect in any sense of the word, but the best it can look without tearing the wall out and rebuilding, which is what really needed to happen. And still hardly noticeable unless I point it out to you. At least it’s not visually assaulting you as soon as you walk into the room anymore. Thank god, I was running out of excuses for my virtual bruises.

Thanks to Evan and my wonderful friends for pitching in!

Soooo, what’dya think?


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