land’s end’s end

Have you all heard about this? Completely ruined my day. “Land’s End,” a 1902 mansion in New York that many claim inspired The Great Gatsby was demolished this week to make room for five more homes worth $10 million each. Disgusting. Read these articles on Curbed and ABC News. I can understand the developer’s reasoning that the $30 million price tag on the home plus the cost of renovating the place deters buyers. So lower the price by about 29 mil, dumbass. Surely to God someone would’ve paid a couple million to restore a huge piece of American history. Now we’ll never know. Check out these beautiful pictures from the ’70’s or ’80’s when this home was still a gem, found on Curbed via Old Long Island.

I die for original wood paneling on walls. And those built-in bookshelves? Comfortingly cozy. I wonder where those wood/metal chairs are now…

Can you imagine sitting on that sofa looking out into the ocean? Heaven.

I would curl up with a good book in this sunny room. And that tiger-skin rug with the green lattice and floral patterns? Love it.

Now go look at Jen Ross’s photos of Land’s End in all its deteriorated glory. Hauntingly beautful. Hard to understand how someone could let it get to that condition. Hard to believe it’s all gone now.


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