I love grunge…

…and I NEED these boots.

That is all.


3 thoughts on “I love grunge…

  1. Okay, you don’t need the boots. You need to be very brave and leave the nineties behind. I say this as someone whose students in the 1990s told me that my 1980s peg legs were EGREGIOUS even as I told them their flare legged plants were horrid. One of my students told me that my favorite Guatemalan woven shirt made me look like yoda.

    I hate to sound like, erm, a product of the 1980s, but these would work with peg legged pants. But if you were planning on wedding these with a granny dress? Or baggy pants? Maybe you could make a case for these if you talked about what you’d pair them with? Because grunge means 3 flannel shirts on at once while you consume the great accomplishment of the 1990s, espresso. Share the rest of the outfit or RIP grunge in your life.

  2. Ah, one of the downfalls of an impulse buyer. Of course I didn’t even consider whether or not I would have anything with which to wear the boots–I just wanted them! Thanks for the comment, an entire outfit breakdown probably would’ve made for a better post:

    I’m short, so a full-fledged grunge outfit would swallow me. No way I could pull off baggy pants and oversize flannel shirts with clunky boots. I’d definitely modern it up a bit. I’d pair these babies with either skinny jeans and a thick cable-knit sweater or leggings and a heavy cotton miniskirt, with a belted jacket on top. These boots make me wanna go camping, so that’s pretty much the only scenario in which I’ve thought about wearing them. I’m still nostalgic for and attracted to anything “90’s” whether it be flannel, chunky combat boots, or cropped tops; I’d for sure update my style before going all blast from the past and looking like I just stepped out of Empire Records, though.

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