crossing the threshold of blogdom

I’m just gonna jump right in…On the 6-month anniversary of our move-in date, we (finally) got around to painting some walls. 1.5 walls to be exact. It was a small victory. In your face, procrastination! Anyway, these walls really had it comin’: the previous inhabitor of our apartment painted each wall in our dining/living rooms a different color and one wall was painted 3 or 4 different colors. One wall. While I can certainly appreciate the creativity (and the color palette was not bad at all), I’m more of a one-color-per-room kinda person.  Also, the former resident left some of his paint and as it would be an understatement to say we’re on a budget, we shamelessly took advantage of that. And it would be so rude of us to let all that paint go to waste, not to mention that a lot of the room was already painted gray, so why not finish it off?

This is obviously the “before” aspect:

yikes. Don’t worry, it looks a lot better now:

whew. Much better. It just so happens I actually love gray on walls. The rest of the apartment needs A LOT more work and I’m not even close to done. I have tons more painting, wall art framing, furniture replacing, curtain hanging, and picture taking to do and I couldn’t be more excited! (And yes, that chandelier has got to go!) Soon, my friends, soon…




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